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The links provided below offer additional informational resources related to the ICA Council on Wellness Science programs and services, faculty resources, continuing education credits and certification requisites.

Wellness Certification Overview ICA Wellness Seminars
The coursework and curricular components of the Wellness program offer instruction in a scientifically relevant, clinically practical format. The spectrum of topics summarized as the key concepts and contents of the seminars address a range of pertinent elements of wellness issues in health care. The Wellness Curriculum Overview summarizes key concepts and contents of the Chiropractic Wellness Program and outlines the curricular focus of the four Modules.

Important information about the On-Site Seminar Modules -- providing you with details on seminar schedules, hotel locations, instructors and registration rates; you may also download registration forms or register online.

Take-Home Module Registration
(through The Wellness Practice site)
Cleveland Chiropractic College
Department of Postgraduate Education
The C.C.W.P. Certification program includes a series of take-home coursework in addition to the on-site seminars. The self-paced, take-home module assignments for the C.C.W.P. Certification are registered for and coordinated through Dr. James Chestnut and registration for the take-home modules is through website enrollment through The Wellness Practice website.

Cleveland Chiropractic College Kansas City is the CCE-accredited college sponsoring ICA Wellness Seminar CE; listings with updates on state approvals for the locations and dates of the program offerings are available through the Postgraduate Education links on the Cleveland Chiropractic College website at www.cleveland.edu.

Dr. Chestnut's Teaching Schedule ICA Science Councils Referral Directory
Other presentations offered in addition to the seminars presented through ICA are posted on the website for The Wellness Practice. Members of the ICA Council on Wellness Science are listed in the ICA Science Councils Referral Directory system, and doctors maintaining C.C.W.P. Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner status have featured listings in the Directory. (For referral inquiries e-mail to wellness@chiropractic.org)




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