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The Council on Wellness Science is comprised of a dynamic group of members committed to help address what could very well be the greatest health care challenges of our era.Doctors holding membership in the Council on Wellness Science are extensively trained and focused on addressing the vital health and wellness elements involved in lifestyle choices, prevention and public health education for patients of all ages. Through a wellness approach to patient care, the Council’s goal is to optimize the capacity of each individual to respond to environmental and emotional stressors for advanced health and wellness.

Doctors holding and maintaining the Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner C.C.W.P. Certification have undertaken and completed advanced levels of educational and clinical training and are committed to leadership and service in a profound new wellness dimension for patients of ages. The CCWP postgraduate certification, and the commitment to clinical excellence it represents, distinguishes these doctors as an authority in wellness through chiropractic care in their community. Click HERE for a list.

Members of the ICA Council on Wellness Science are listed under that Council in the ICA Science Councils Referral Directory system, and doctors maintaining C.C.W.P. Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner membership status have featured listings in the Main Referral Directory as well as the C.C.W.P. Referral Roster.



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